Learn how to trade step by step. Profitable trading strategy by a Multi-Million dollar trader.


Our Forex Trading course uses the most forefront principles and techniques that are immediately applicable. The trading strategies you learn are customized, based on your schedule and personality. Trade the dynamic market with the flexibility you want.

This course has been taught to groups in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia and has been the launch pad to amazing results.

This class is for you, if you are:

  1. Serious about succeeding in building a high-income skill from trading.

  2. An action-taker and are driven to elevate your life to a whole new level.


JinDao Tai is an Entrepreneur, Award-Winning Forex Coach & Trainer, International Speaker and Multi-Million Dollar Trader. Founder of LCMS Traders, JinDao trades more than US$10 million dollar account on a daily basis and is consistently providing positive ROI for his high net-worth clients.

JinDao's team of coaches have been training with him for more than 5 years and have a combined trading experience of more than 30 years.


We combine both the strengths of technical analysis (charting) and fundamental analysis (news and economics) to help traders better understand the markets and also help them find trade entries that are much more reliable.

We use a very simple 5-Step strategy to find trades:

  1. Learn how to read the economic news.

  2. Learn how to tell the trend reliably.

  3. Learn how to find reliable support and resistance zones. No more second-guessing your S/R zones.

  4. Learn how to use indicators to fine-tune and time your entry. This includes learning how to use our custom Accelerated MACD indicator.

  5. Learn how to prevent yourself from being caught in between news events.

Proprietary Indicator

We’re dedicated to helping beginners, professionals and people who are just thinking about entering the world of Forex trading.

It is easy to enter trades based on indicators, but you may have heard many people say, that indicators are lagging (slow).

One of the many ways we help you prepare is providing you with a custom Accelerated MACD indicator.

  • Custom coded by experts.

  • Provides a faster entry signal to catch early profits.

Fully Online Live Streaming

As the words ‘online live’ suggest, live online learning happens just like normal learning but entirely online.

Lessons are conducted at the comfort of your home, except you will not be alone.

Lessons are taught live by Jin and his team of instructors.

Live online lessons require both you and the instructors to be online during the same time as lessons are conducted real-time.

Both you and the instructors will communicate with each other on the same platform via audio, video and chat.

What You Will Learn

  • Completely understand how the FOREX Market works.

  • Understand Pips, Points and Lots.

  • Understand FOREX Terminology: Bid, Ask, Spread, etc.

  • Master Technical Analysis: Candlestick Patterns, Chart Patters, Oscillators and Technical Indicators.

  • Filter out the noise, get to know what our traders use and how they think. Get insight from a professional trader's standpoint.

  • How to use an Economic Calendar.

  • Money Management: how to manage risk on each position, how much to buy, and where to take a loss.

  • How to choose a Broker and Open a FOREX Trading Account.

  • Understand how to use Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis.

  • How to send Orders and different Order Types.

  • How to use Metatrader 4 (the most popular FOREX Trading Platform)

  • Risk Management: how to reduce losses and manage overall portfolio risk.

Your investment?


What is included?

  • 2 days of online training at the comfort of your own home!

Part 1 (Day 1&2) : 20 April 2021
Part 2 (Day 3&4) : 22 April 2021

  • Classes are held at 7pm to 10pm (GMT+8, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines).

  • Proprietary Accelerated MACD Custom Indicator - Worth US$2699

  • Course Materials in PDF - Worth US$1399


Why is this different from a pre-recorded lesson?

Forex Trading is a HUGE topic. You will definitely need to ask questions and get your doubts cleared before moving into the next topic.

  • Ask questions and get it answered immediately.

  • Attending the lesson online LIVE will keep you engaged, something a recording cannot do.

  • Clear off any doubts before going into the next topic.



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